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“Versatile and Efficient: The 150W Desktop Laser Welder”

The 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine is a high-quality jewelry spot welder offered by the QOMOLANGMA Store. With its advanced features and versatile applications, this laser welding machine has gained attention in various industries. In this review, we will delve into its specifications, performance, and overall value.

Having used the 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine for jewelry spot welding, I have been thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. The laser wavelength of 1064nm, combined with an average power of 150W and pulse width of ≤15ms, provides precise and efficient welding results. The power supply system, equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protection, ensures safe operation.

The use of high-quality YAG crystal as the laser working material, along with the specially designed laser resonator, delivers stable output energy and excellent laser mode. The red semiconductor laser used for indication and positioning is highly reliable and aids in achieving accurate welding points.

I have utilized this welding machine for various applications, including spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping, and resizing of gold, silver, titanium, and platinum jewelry. It has also proven to be valuable in other industries such as aviation, eyewear frames, medical instruments, and electronics. The wide range of applicable materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, and brass, adds to its versatility.

Powerful Laser Welding Capability

The 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine offers exceptional laser welding capability. With a laser wavelength of 1064nm and an average power of 150W, this machine delivers precise and efficient spot welding. The pulse width of ≤15ms ensures optimal control and accuracy during the welding process. Whether you’re working with gold, silver, titanium, or platinum, this machine provides the power and precision needed for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping, and resizing jewelry.

Advanced Laser Power Supply

The laser power supply of this spot welding machine is a new inverter resonant power supply. It consists of a main circuit, trigger circuit, pre-combustion circuit, control circuit, and protection circuit. This advanced power supply offers overcurrent, overvoltage, and flow protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the machine. Additionally, the current, pulse width, and frequency can be adjusted, providing flexibility and adaptability for different welding requirements. The laser power supply’s superior design and functionality make it perfect for laser sealing welding and spot welding applications.

High-Quality Laser Technology

The 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine utilizes high-quality YAG crystal as the laser working material. Its specially designed laser resonator is equipped with an advanced gold-plated condensing cavity and optical system. This configuration ensures a good laser output mode, stable energy output, and a single pulse energy of up to 40J. These features make the machine ideal for precision welding tasks, guaranteeing excellent results every time.

Accurate Indication and Positioning System

This spot welding machine incorporates a red semiconductor laser as the indication light source. This laser is used for adjustment reference of the optical system and precise indication and positioning of the working point. It offers a long service life and excellent stability, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. With this accurate indication and positioning system, users can easily align and focus the laser beam, resulting in precise and controlled spot welding operations.

Wide Range of Applications

The 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine is designed to cater to various applications. It is specifically tailored for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping, and resizing gold, silver, titanium, and platinum jewelries. Additionally, it can be used for stone caging and gap bridging of small accessories. Beyond jewelry applications, this machine finds utility in industries such as aviation, aerospace, sports products, eyewear frames, medical instruments, titanium alloy denture, electronics, machinery, and automobile. Its versatility is further enhanced by its ability to work with materials like steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and more.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customers who have purchased the 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine have expressed high levels of satisfaction with its performance and capabilities. The machine has received positive reviews, highlighting its power, precision, and versatility. Users appreciate its ability to handle various materials and its intuitive operation. Whether in the jewelry industry or other industries that require precise spot welding, this machine is highly regarded for its quality and reliability.


  • High-quality laser wavelength and power
  • Advanced laser power supply with adjustable settings
  • Laser indication and positioning system for precise work


  • High price point
  • Limited number of reviews available
  • Requires specialized knowledge for operation


    In conclusion, the 150W Desktop Laser Spot Welding Machine from QOMOLANGMA Store is a top-notch jewelry spot welder that excels in performance and functionality. Its adjustable power supply, reliable laser system, and precise indication and positioning make it a valuable tool for various applications. The wide range of compatible materials and its ability to deliver consistent and stable welding results further enhance its appeal. With its competitive price point, this laser welding machine offers excellent value for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the laser power adjustable?

    Answer: Yes, the laser power supply allows for adjustment of current, pulse width, and frequency.

    Question: What materials can be used with this machine?

    Answer: This machine is compatible with various materials including gold, silver, steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, and brass.

    Question: Is this machine suitable for jewelry repair?

    Answer: Yes, this machine is specially designed for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping, and resizing of gold/silver/titanium/platinum jewelries.


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